Whom is DEEP meant for?

When we started the course in 2011, it was designed for teachers and classrooms.

Its meaning and value has gone through considerable change over the 4 years. Going by the feedback received about what they got from the course, it looks like it could be for anyone. To narrow that audience (which sounds like the whole world), I know that when we are in class, I build a context for whatever is taught around 2 things whenever I present an idea – Group work / Community and Relationships.

All learning appears to happen within these 2 contexts.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Building a better understanding of oneself, and then
Applying it to everything that happens around us.

Over the past 4 years we have had people from a wide variety of walks of life attending. Here is my version of the list:

  • Passionate people wanting to educate instead of teach, looking to put more meaning into their classrooms, work-life and relationships.
  • Practicing coaches and facilitators
  • Mothers wanting to understand their children in a more compassionate way. The days of ‘No’ and ‘Don’t’ appear over. With the wide exposure children have through media, it seems wiser to learn the skills to manage their curiosity, rather than kill it.
  • Radio and voice-over artistes stepping into education as a career.
  • Engineers, doctors, psychologists wanting to understand facilitation and process-work to enable them better in their professions.
  • Outdoor educators, NGO folks, people managing people at organisations.
  • And then the breed that I love! Minds on the edge! The itch to do something they have always known they loved, but couldn’t pursue. Coming to that place where what they DON’T want becomes a little clearer, and what options they have  . . . .  Its like standing with feet itching the sand on a beach, looking out to an open sea, searching for that faint silhouette of a ship somewhere on the horizon. It’s there alright! We just have to find it! So many of us are on that beach a lot of the time.

These are some of the reasons people want to do DEEP:

  • Bring change to self, followed by society so we can have better tomorrow.
  • I feel my personality has several blocks. I would like to get rid of them. I would like to ‘let go’ (I dont know of what) but I feel this course will help me do so.
  • I want all the relationships in my life to become more enriched.
  • I want to restore my faith in humanity and so I want to learn to be more open to people more accepting and less judgmental.
  • I want to focus on my work as a trainer/educator (experiential) and hence I have set it upon myself to get trained as much as possible for my sessions to become more dynamic and scientific in approach.

This is what they want to learn:

  • 1. I want to become a more effective facilitator. 2. I want  to design more effective workshops. 3. I want my workshops to help bring about personal and organisational change.
  • Learn and practice self-facilitation. Improve effectiveness of my facilitation skills. Use wider methods, techniques and approaches in educational programs.
  • I want to learn a better way of dialogue with various groups of people on the home front and work front .
  • Some basic principles of experiential education so as to work with school going kids for teaching them EVS and Ecology.
  • How to create an environment where a child learns to ‘be’.
  • To facilitate myself to work more openly with various groups.
  • What is the exact premise of experiential learning? How could it be facilitated in a real classroom where I work ?
  • Experiential Education – theories and practices. Learning Processes
  • Tools for Conflict/Communication Management in Children and in Organizations
  • Conducting Effective Reflections
  • Behaviour Management in Children
  • Team Building tools and modules
  • Energizers, ice breakers – how to effectively use them and how to train facilitators to use them better.

You will notice almost all of these fit into the categories I mentioned earlier: Group work / Community and Relationships.

The course will cover most of this, and more.

If you have more questions about the program, feel free to mail me at challops@gmail.com, or call me at +91 9096000121, or write in comments section. I will respond.

6 thoughts on “Whom is DEEP meant for?

  1. Vanashree Ghate

    Hi! I am an Arts Based Therapist for special needs children. Have been following up (though rather intermittently) for your programme in Mumbai. Do keep me posted

  2. vishwas parchure Post author

    Vanashree, I am doing the 3-day Certificate in Exp Ed Program (CEEP) at the Magicbus centre between Pune-Mumbai from 26-28th May. Is that what you are looking for, or a longer experience to apply the principles in practice – in which case you should be looking at the Diploma program – DEEP. Both posts have registration forms. Let me know what interests you.

  3. Anita Dagar

    I am keen to join DEEP, i am working with an NGO working with school children in below poverty line slums and currently i am facing the challenge of…how to ensure meaningful learning happens in a classroom of 40-50 children with one teacher who is bogged down with the idea of completing SSC syllabus.I am hoping DEEP might offer some insight.

    1. vishwas parchure Post author

      Anita, DEEP will certainly offer perspective. If you are from Pune, feel free to drop in and attend a session on 8-9 Nov if you want. The next DEEP starts in July 2015 in Pune. More details, call 9096000121.

  4. anita

    Dear vishwas sir.

    Am anita mohite from sanjeewan vidyalaya 98 batch… sir i would like to know whether this diploma is for school going children age group 11 and 12…

    thanks and regards
    anita mohite

  5. Vency Fernandes

    Dear Mr. Parchure,

    I got informed about your programs who has attended possible DEEP. i am in to HR, 49 years old and based out of Mumbai.

    I would like to know when is the next DEEP commencing, what are the fee? Are the sessions once every month for 9 months?. My personality type is introvert and don’t know if I will be free in a stranger group. However am keen to attend.


    Vency Fernandes


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