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rstRACCOON CIRCLES: A 2 Day Workshop on Activities with Ropes, Strings and Tapes 

Activities are an important part of any program that claims to be Experiential in approach. It is often seen as the application of the Kolb’s experiential learning cycle’s 4 phases: Experience – Reflect – Generalize – Apply. Yet, there is a big difference between running an ‘activity’ and offering an ‘experience’.

Presenting that difference to our audiences is an art! This 2-day skill building workshop offers experiences to it’s participants! You will learn how to Brief the activity, watch for learning moments, and process the experience with the group – using simple, affordable, easily available props such as Ropes, Strings and Tapes.

Learn to :
* Choose activities for different stages of group development – the beginning, middle and closure. Use activities with specific objectives in mind.
* Vary the brief to create experiences for introductions, to energise, to get-to-know-each other, to build trust, for communication, problem solving, decision-making, Leadership, self-discovery and closure.
* Run an activity from a source book of almost 100 activities that comes with the workshop.
* Offer meaningfulness to our audience’s lives and workplace by building better transference of learning through the activities.

Origin of the idea :
This is a term often used to describe a length of tubular tape that can be used as a powerful tool by educators (outdoor, classroom, adult) regardless of setting and audience to create meaningful experiences. The term was originally used by Tom Smith (nick-named ‘The Raccoon’ by his peers) in his workshop years ago. He also published a book with the name. I have added a lot more from different sources, including variations that I created.

Dates :

18-19 March 2017 – Pune, Fees: Rs. 5500/-
Registration Link : –  https://goo.gl/forms/Rr2LME3eA2nf2GtQL2

Payment Details : 
Account Number: 545901010050511
BANK: Union Bank of India. Pashan Branch. Pune
IFSC Code: UBIN0554596