More for the Magic Bag!

I have some ideas for doing Activity-based programs on weekends as 1 or 2-day interventions to support all those who want to learn more activities and teaming games. Each of these will be announced 3 months in advance, and will be charged for separately. These are some ideas:

Activities using specific props

  • “RST” – Using Ropes, Tapes and Strings
  • “Balls to Balloons”! and other orb-based activities
  • Planks and blocks
  • Jugaad magic! Activities using whatever is around
  • The Empty bag ā€“ prop less activities (influenced by Chris Cavert)
  • Activities for the sports field
  • Activities for the wilderness

Designing for themes

It will include how to design for, activities and processing thoughts.

  • Leadership (youth and organisational)
  • Parenting
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Teaming
  • Conflict

Designing for audiences:

  • Camping and Outdoors for children
  • Adults ā€“ corporate, NGOs, Educators.
  • Classroom and curriculum

If there are things you want to learn beyond the ones listed above, please write a comment.

2 thoughts on “More for the Magic Bag!

  1. shraddha

    Hello,I’m shraddha from hyderabad.I am very interested in the weekend workshop.I am an architect and have a firm where i practice with my husband.I have been taking summer classes for students interested in architecture preping and councilling them for the new artistic lifestyle they will experience.Please let me know how i can apply for the workshop and what would be the payment terms.
    Thank you

  2. vishwas parchure Post author

    Shraddha, We spoke about the DEEP program. Please go to that blog page. At the end of it is a form. Details for online payment are also mentioned. Do let me know when you have transacted, and send me the details.


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