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If you have been following the other posts, you will know that there is such a thing as A Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice (DEEP). Its a 9-month, a weekend a month program from July to March. When it started, a lot of people interested in EE requested a shorter duration program. So we designed CEEP – Certificate in Experiential Education & Practice . Here are the details.

Welcome to the world of Experiential Education.Persistent-37

“Much significant learning is acquired through doing. Placing the student in direct experiential confrontation with practical problems, ethical and philosophical problems, personal issues, and research problems is one of the most effective modes of promoting learning.” Carl Rogers in Freedom to Learn

This course has been designed keeping in mind the many educators who want to make moments with their learner groups more exciting, more empowering. It intends to expose the audience to a wide perspective in

  • How Experiential Education works and why it is an effective means of learning.
  • How experiences can be designed and used to offer the challenge that is so important to learning.
  • How to make experiences meaningful.
  • How to create the conditions so that learners feel safe and free to explore themselves, peers, society and their surroundings.
  • How to process experiences for more meaningful application into their own lives and the lives of their audiences.

During the course, you will encounter a variety of hands-on activities, in-depth readings, personal reflections, group discussions, and opportunities to have your own adventurous experiences. At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand how groups develop and what you could do when, in order to make experiences more meaningful.
  • Know more about what drives learning, the elements that support it, and what you could do to make experiences more joyful, and managing emotions – the gateway to learning.
  • Be more conversant with what attitudes and approaches you could have to be more effective. We will also talk about facilitating oneself in different situations.
  • Carry a bagful of activities (using props or no-props) to energise groups, build trust, solve problems, make decisions, and manage conflict.
  • Design programs based on outcomes.

Methodology: Didactic (Lecture, Presentations) – 50%, Activity – 30%, Dialogue & Co-creation – 20%.

Venue: Magicbus Campsite (between Pune-Mumbai)
Dates: 26-28th May 2014
Fees: 7500/- per person. It includes the course fee, food and accommodation for the program duration.
Following are the details that you have to forward to the remitting bank in order to
transfer the funds in our HSBC LOCAL account in India:
1. Beneficiary Name: Magic Bus India Foundation
2. Beneficiary Savings Account No: 002-771053-006
3. Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd
4. HSBC IFSC Code: HSBC0400002.
5. Branch Address: 52/60, M G Road, Fort , Mumbai – 400 001
Registration Form: Link Here 
It is designed in this manner to offer as wide a perspective as possible. Eventually, the content will be affected by who the audience is and what you want more of. Feel free to call (9096000121) or write to me at challops@gmail.com.


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