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More for the Magic Bag!

I have some ideas for doing Activity-based programs on weekends as 1 or 2-day interventions to support all those who want to learn more activities and teaming games. Each of these will be announced 3 months in advance, and will be charged for separately. These are some ideas:

Activities using specific props

  • “RST” – Using Ropes, Tapes and Strings
  • “Balls to Balloons”! and other orb-based activities
  • Planks and blocks
  • Jugaad magic! Activities using whatever is around
  • The Empty bag ā€“ prop less activities (influenced by Chris Cavert)
  • Activities for the sports field
  • Activities for the wilderness

Designing for themes

It will include how to design for, activities and processing thoughts.

  • Leadership (youth and organisational)
  • Parenting
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Teaming
  • Conflict

Designing for audiences:

  • Camping and Outdoors for children
  • Adults ā€“ corporate, NGOs, Educators.
  • Classroom and curriculum

If there are things you want to learn beyond the ones listed above, please write a comment.